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If you´re bored and you don´t know what to play or you just feel like enjoying a short narration this is The Perfect Game for you!

The Perfect Game is a The Stanley Parable inspired mixture between a walking simulator and a narration based adventure. The story is set in the tutorial of the non-existing game: "The Perfect Game", in an office-like infinite corridor. 


This game is the result of one of my courses as a Game Design student at the BTK-Berlin university. It is more of a proof of concept that a complete game
but upon seeing the enjoyment of my fellow students playing the game i decided to publish it here.


Game Engine: Unity 2017.2

3D Models : Maya 2018

Scripts: MonoDevelop (C#)


Assets,Scripts,Narration: Luca Martinelli

Sound and FX: Rodrigo Velasco Sanchez, Juncheng Chen, Luca Martinelli

Narrator: Lucas Bödeker

Game Design // UE 



I found a bug in the code that caused some of the audio-files to not be played. Which pretty much cut most of the interesting dialogue lines...should work properly now.

Make sure to turn your Sound ON before playing the game and if you have time please leave some feedback in the comments to help me improve.


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

ThePerfectGame_Win32 27 MB
ThePerfectGame_Win64 29 MB
ThePerfectGame_MacOSX 33 MB


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If you´re bored and you don´t know what to play or you just feel like enjoying a short narration this is The Perfect Game for you!

The Perfect Game is a The Stanley Parable inspired mixture between a walking simulator and a narration based adventure. The story is set in the tutorial of the non-existing game: "The Perfect Game", in an office-like infinite corridor.

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This game is not as perfect as the title suggests. The halls are too much the same, it's kinda boring to look at. You should at least add an ending of some sort. And the dialogue, especially at the end, was kinda ridiculous.


This game would be better if it was longer, However I enjoyed some of the interesting dialogue.

I really liked this! I just wish I could find out what happened to Joe... 

With all due respect this is too buggy to even suggest paying any money for it. 

I played this sometime back and, tried a different choice but, still got the same out come? Why? I want the good ending like everyone else hahahaha.

Well...I don't know what you mean with "good ending" but there really isn't one at the moment, all the paths end the same way. Which is something i should definitely work on, anyway that you for playing the game! :)

Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you!! That definitely put a smile on my face :)

Corridor generation could use a bit of work. I got trapped twice.

(1 edit)

Yes i agree with you, it definitely needs more work! Thank you for you feedback. :)


I liked the idea of it, but I think the game overall needs work. :)

Is There any easter eggs dev

At the moment there aren't :c

That was weird. I don't think it ended the intentional way. The singing was good.

Well.. yes that was weird. Looks like i unintentionally bugged the ending of the game while trying to fix some bugs before release. I fixed it now but i must admit that a floating mysteriousHamburger is a great ending!