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idk if its just a me problem , after the consert and the person asking for help i get this screen, i can see drawings but not the room...

The game seemed to get stuck for me after Sherlock asked me to find the letter. I couldn't get out of the dialogue!

Loved it, like, really, really much.

This was a fun detective mystery. The design was interesting.


This is a fun detective game, with a nice twist on the character you play as, although their identities aren't much more than paper backing. If this game had more replayability, outcomes changing, murderers changing, weapons and locations to find them changed, it could be something really nice to kill time and train your brain with. The house is simple but nice to look at, it could use a little more sound effects or background music, all in all, it is enjoyable as a detective game. Good work.

When I leave the room with Sherlock Holmes the next area is pitch black, the sound is there and I can open and close stuff when hovering over them but it's just black, is there a flashlight that I am not aware of, please tell me it's me and not the game because I love the idea of it.


That should not happen, normally you should get teleported into the normal game. Simply restart the tutorial.  Were going to fix it, thank you for reporting :)


Restarting didn't work:(

good game, though it makes me a little motion sick @.@


Had a blast playing this! I love that the case is so layered even with such a simple and confined premise and that you presented it in a way that allows the player to analyze and interpret the environment on their own without holding their hand.

The drawing and dragging mechanics are by far the highlight. I'd love to see that kind of interactive gameplay expanded on. I also appreciate that you grade with stats at the end so players have an idea of how close they are and how much is left to find. It really encourages multiple playthroughs. 

Nice touch framing this as Watson solving his own case and having to report back to Sherlock for evaluation.  Very cool aesthetic to the game as well. Loved everything about it. My only criticism is to clean up the text as far as grammar/spelling etc. Overall, you guys did a wonderful job. Good luck with future games!


Thank you very much! You pointed out a lot of our key ideas during development and seeing you appreciate them really makes my day!


I think I know why Sherlock was the detective... Watson isn't the best at finding clues. :)